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There are several types of Telephone Entry Systems. 

The Main System we use does not require a telephone line from the phone company but it does require the old jacks in the house with a telephone.

When someone is outside, it rings in the house with a special ring, you choose to answer the phone and open the gates. You can open 2 gates

A step up all allows you to you this system with a card reader.

Newer systems coming out (soon) will ring your cell phone via wifi. You can open the gate with your cell phone. It will also have video.


Apartments and Business

We offer telephone entry systems for the small, Medium and the Large complexes

The systems are designed to dial a preprogrammed number that is accessible from either a paper directory or electronic directory

The small systems are programmed on site and the larger systems are PC programmable

We can also integrate Card readers into the entry system to eliminate keys 

Doorking 1802 EPD

Is a great robust telephone entry system. It has a digital directory and can call any number you program it to do. Access is granted by either pushing 7 or 9. A postal lock can easily be installed. Himco can program everything for you remotely. 

Doorking 1810

This is the staple for the apartment industry. You look at the directory; dial a number which calls the tenant. The tenant then can let you in by pushing 7 or 9 on their phone. The directory can call any number including a cell phone. The only downside to this unit is that it uses a paper directory and for high turnover buildings, it requires attention to making the changes. A postal lock can easily be installed.

The Doorking 1812

Is standard with a keypad so you can enter with a code. The guest pushes the ring button and the phones inside will now give you a unique ring alerting you that someone has pushed the button outside. You pick up your phone and can choose to let them in at any of 2 locations (relays) by pushing 7 or 9. 

There are several options to use like call forwarding and having a pin hole camera installed in the unit.

Doorking 1834 PC

Programmable system. This steps you up from a standard dialer and programming on site to programming this remotely. This is great changing codes, adding tenants and tracking the usage of the tenants. 

Doorking 1837 PC

This unit can act as a stand alone or with an 1835, 1837, and 1838.  The transmitters are reliable and best of all they are programmable and track able.  Using the remote account manager allows you to add or delete transmitters.  You can even time zone the transmitter for the trash company.  This is great when a tenant loses or has a remote control stolen, you don't have to change everyone's remote control.  This is a great savings in time and money.